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Heating System Installations & Grill Repairs in Somerset, Massachusetts

Gas Tank — Heating System Installation & Grill Repairs in Somerset, MA
Grill — Heating System Installation & Grill Repairs in Somerset, MA
Trust Wilkinson Fuels Inc. in Somerset, Massachusetts, for prompt heating system installations and grill repairs. Backed by decades of experience, you can trust our company for the fast service you need.
Complete Installations
When you notice smoke coming from your chimney or the lack of heat or hot water in your home, it's time to call a professional fuel supplier to handle the job. For 80 years, Wilkinson Fuels Inc. has offered fast heating system installations, including complete replacements of boilers, hot water tanks, and furnaces.
Repairs for You
In addition to our heating system installations, we also offer complete repairs and maintenance to our regular customers. From annual tune-ups to 24-hour burner services, you can trust us for the prompt repairs you need, including:
  • Annual Tune-up
  • Nozzle Replacement
  • Vacuum out Soot & Residue
  • Efficiency Test
  • Filter Replacement
Gas Grill — Heating System Installation & Grill Repairs in Somerset, MA
Van — Heating System Installation & Grill Repairs in Somerset, MA
Repairing Your Gas Grill
When your gas grill isn't working correctly, find peace of mind knowing our team is here to help with fast and efficient grill repairs. Simply drop off your grill, and we'll do everything we can to diagnose and fix the problem, including:
  • Replace Parts
  • Test System
  • Vacuum System
Affordable Grills
If your grill is beyond repair, why not browse through our large selection of grills to find a new one? You can find all of the best brands, including Weber™ and MHP™.
In addition, our company carries a large selection of high-quality parts to get your old grill looking and running like new.
Delivery & Assembly
Putting your grill together can be challenging. Why not let the experienced professionals from our company do it for you? At Wilkinson Fuels Inc., we offer fast delivery and assembly services as well as removals to get your grill up and running properly.